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Increased Production Efficiency By Numerical Control Busbar
Sep 22, 2017

CNC bus machine is a computer-controlled high-efficiency, high-precision busbar row processing special equipment, is a kind of automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic punching, automatic shift, automatic cutting, automatic replacement mold, Automatic assembly of the perfect combination of a high degree of automation, positioning accuracy, easy to use high efficiency, CNC Busbar Machine high-performance bus production line

Mainly used for a variety of copper, aluminum bus a variety of processing. The same machine can be individually or simultaneously punching, shearing, bending processing. Simple operation, easy to use, CNC Busbar Machine high production efficiency, CNC bus machine is dedicated to the power industry, high and low voltage sets, busbar industry, processing copper and aluminum bus for the special equipment.

The main features of CNC busbar machine:

1, the machine has a red, cut / fold two processing units, cutting and bending unit together, respectively, the bus punching, cutting, bending processing, bending units in the bending unit, CNC Busbar Machine you can also pressure Flat, embossed, pressure cable connector, button flowers and other special processing.

2, the working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted to reduce the processing of auxiliary time, improve production efficiency.

3, red, cut the unit with vertical processing methods, CNC Busbar Machine flexible and convenient operation, the use of flat blade shear, cut the workpiece formation.

4, the machine is equipped with casters, by adjusting the four feet, you can easily move.

5, all the units to achieve numerical control, you can use CNC system for processing, you can also choose to use the foot switch control process.

6, the processing process, the workpiece positioning by the block control, good accuracy, do not need to hit the red, do not need to draw lines, CNC Busbar Machine greatly saving time and improve work efficiency, production efficiency is multi-station bus processing machine 4 times, Suitable for mass production.

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