Busbar Machine

Busbar Machine

Our busbar machine can cut or shear,bend and punch copper and aluminium busbar with three stations working at the same time. This will largely improve your productivity.It is widely used in switchgear and power transformers production. The advatange: 1. Turret rotate punch, no need change dies, high efficiency, save time. 2. Cutting without any waste, save busbar. cutting adge very flat. 3. Bending precision. (can make vertical / horizontal / U shape bending ) 4. Our busbar machine os easily to operate and learn,especially for the freshman
Product description

Turret Jinan Jingpeng CNC hydraulic copper bus bar machine for high-low switchgear manufacturing

 Turret Jinan Jingpeng CNC hydraulic copper bus bar machine for high-low switchgear manufacturing


 Hot sale 30kn 303SK hydraulic busbar cutting punching bending machine for copper


Why so big discount?

The Alibaba september purchasing days is starting September 20th for a one month period.

In order to attract more customers and to extend machines' influence,our company offers the factory prices.

We just hope to finf a way to cooperate with you and your company longer.

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Main characteristics,


The shearing unit

Using sharp shearing, the incision interface is flat, no droop,no burrs,no waste.


The punching unit

Using an united six-mode turnplate in tooth shape

Making sure the upper moldand the lower mold are absolutely in the center

Improvinge the mold concentricity and lengten the working life.

The turnplate is in tooth shape with good view and high strength.

No need to frequently change molds, labor intensity is highly reduced. 


The bending unit  

By changing different mold,it can do falt bending and vertical bending.

The bending angle by an imported PLC control system.

Only need to input a busbar thickness and an angle,the machine will process automatically.

Bending precision is ±1°, repeat precision is ±3°

The User also can input the pressing data in advance,and the system will do the process according to the inputted data.

The field data can be put into the system at any time and be paged out for using repeatedly.


3 in 1 processing.jpg



Details parameters of 30 ton hydraulic busbar cutting punching bending machine,


PunchingMax. Punching Force (KN)300500
Punching Diameter Range (MM)4.3-254.3-34
Max. Thickness (MM)1216
Max. Width (MM)150250
Shearing/CuttingMax. Shearing Thickness (MM)1216
Max. Shearing Width (MM)150250
Vertical BendingMax. Bending Force (KN)300500
Max. Width (MM)150250
Max. Thickness (MM)1216
Honrizental BendingMax. Width (MM)100(10mm THK)120(10mm THK)
Max. Angle (Degree)90°90°
Out DimensionMM1750*1350*12601850*1500*1400


The Accocessories,


8 sets of punching die. (6 round dies, 2 oblong dies)      1 set of shearing mold
2 sets of horizontal bending mold                                    2 sets of vertical bending mold
1 set of embossing mold                                                  
1 set of U bending mold

1 set of oil filler                                                                 1 set of inner hexagon spanner
3 sets of foot switches                                                      1 set of hydraulic system sealing ring
1 set of random tools                                                        2 pieces of Limit Switch
1 piece punching location needle

parts 01.jpg

Packaging and Shipping


 Firstly, the CNC busbar processing machine is to be packed with plastic sheet for cleaning and damp proofing.


Secondly, fasten the machine into the wood case for safety and against clashing.


packaging 01.jpg

1. Our quality certificate,

  We are professional manufacturer for busbar processing machine in China for more than ten years. Our busbar processing machine are approved by ISO & CE certificate, the machine quality is highly respected among customers in North America, Europe and most Asia countries. 

 certificates 02.jpg


2. Our busbar machine on the electrical equipment exhibition,


exhibition trade show 01.jpg 


3.Our Factory ,

Our factory 01.jpg


1.  What is your payment terms?


40% T/T as deposit, balance be paid when goods are ready for loading before shipment.

2.  What is your delivery time?


Usually within 7-25 days after the deposit.


3.  What is your power supply?


We will adjust according to your countries power supply. No problem.


4.  What is your Min order quantity?


One set. Our customers can be end users, retailers and wholesalers.


5. Are all the Labels and instuctions of the machine in English?


Yes. the labels on the machine and the manuel books are all made in english version.


6. Besides this machine, do you have any other options for me?


We have dozens of options for you:


CNC busbar machine; Non- CNC busbar machine, combined busbar machine,

busbar cutting tools, busbar bending tools, busbar punching tools.

hydraulic pumps, hand pumps etc. 

Please contact with us to know more informations! 


7. What is your requirement for exclusive / sole agent?


We are looking for sole agent in world market.

We need to test the credit and the monthly quantity of the importers.

If the importer credit is good and reliable. And the monthly order quantity meet local market demand. We will come to further association.


Contact Us:


Turret Jinan Jingpeng CNC hydraulic copper bus bar machine for high-low switchgear manufacturing

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