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How The Door Frame Is Operated
Jan 14, 2017

Double angle aluminum angle cutting machine, one can cut out two 45-degree angle, fast, accurate, accurate angle automatically Automatic cutting and cutting, fast, only foot switch, automatic binder, automatic sawing, Safe and easy to push the oil into the air knife, cutting speed and stable at the same time automatic atomization fuel injection, in order to achieve the role of cold indeed and lubricate the saw blade, so that non-stick aluminum saw blade, saw blade sharp two motor drive alone , High speed, strong cutting force on the use of pressure and the side of the pressure of the two groups of material pressure device, the material compression fixed, pressure can adjust the pressure to prevent material compression deformation Special access to the feed rack placed in the machine around Double-sawing at the same time sawing, one can be cut out of the two available 45-degree angle, high efficiency and accurate accurate stitching seamless seam.

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