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Bus Processing Machine Parts Of The Role
Jan 14, 2017

Most of the models of bus processing machines, are from the hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic cutting machine, bus embossing machine and workstations and other components. The following describes the various parts of the role of bus processing machine

The role of hydraulic punching machine:

1. Separate hydraulic punching machine for L, H flat copper, copper aluminum row punching.

2. At the bottom of the flat-seat design, smooth not fall down Akira.

3. Single-hole back to the oil, mold high-carbon tungsten alloy steel can not be damaged.

4. Specifically for angle iron, flat iron, copper and other metal plate drilling, especially for power, construction and other industries in the field site operations.

The role of hydraulic cutting machine:

1. This product is suitable for switch box, distribution board automatic control panel wiring works.

2. The use of split design is easy to carry, easy to maintain.

3. The blade is made of high-strength tool steel, which is heat-treated and durable. The surface is blackened to prevent rust.

4. Blade design science, smooth cut surface.

 5. Split design does not contain pump factory.

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