Hydraulic 3-in-1 Busbar Bending Machine JPMX-303ESK

Hydraulic 3-in-1 Busbar Bending Machine JPMX-303ESK

This machine can be used to cut ,bend and punch busbars in diffierent specifications.It can be used in high-low switchgear,electric transformer station etc.
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Hydraulic 3-in-1 Busbar Bending Machine JPMX-303ESK

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Jinan Jingpeng CNC machinery Co.,Ltd is a company, specializing in the development,production,selling of electrical and CNC metalplate machines.

We are professional manufacturer for busbar processing machine in China for more than ten years. Our busbar processing machine are approved by ISO & CE certificate, the machine quality is highly respected among customers in North America, Europe and most Asia countries.


Three Units of  Busbar Processing Machine 

1.The shearing unit uses sharp shearing to make sure the incision interface is flat,no droop,no burrs,no waste,and the shape is beautiful.

2.The punching unit uses a six-mode turnplate in tooth shape to make sure the good view and high strength.The upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the center.There is no need to frequently change the molds,so it is easy and quick to use,so the working efficiency is higher than a troditional one.

3.The bending unit uses a closed structure to make sure the flat bending and embossing more smooth,which highly improve the repeating precisiong during mass production and prolong the working time.

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Attention for Safety Operation of Busbar Processing Machine 

1.There must be a safety inviroment around the busbar machine befeore operation.

2.Do not wear a scarf or overcoat in case of your personal safety.

3.Train or instruct workers to work in the correct way so as to stop and get out of danger as soon as possible.

4.Power requirement:three phase four wire 380V ± 10%+N.

5.If the temperature is blow 5℃,you should operat the empty machine for at least 5 minutes.

6.You must read the instruction carefully and understand completely about the structure and performance of the busbar machine.

7.If the temperature of the oil is higher than 60℃,you had better to turn off the machine and give the machine a  bit of a break.

 8.We advice to change the hydraulic oil for once a  year,if the working frequency is nou high,it can be changed once every two years.






If you have any concern about our products,you are welcome to come to visit our factory to inspect the machine.Waiting for your kindly inquiry!

Contacting person:Mandy(Sales manager)

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