ELECRAMA 2018 INDIA Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine

ELECRAMA 2018 INDIA Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine

This is David,glad to know that you're a leading manufacturer for Swichgears in India. We're the biggest manufacturer for Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine in China. Busbar Machine widely used in manufacturing of Power Switchgears & Transformers. Tell you a good news: The promotion of all types of busbar machine have already cut price of 300-500USD/SET.Please grasp the opportunity. Hope to be a business partner of you and your company. Machine functions: Bending / Punching / Cutting copper and aluminium bus bar. Our busbar machine can run bending,punching and cutting units at the same time. (Three in One)
Product description

ELECRAMA 2018 INDIA Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine

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From 10th to 14th March,we attend the ELECRAMA 2018 INIDIA.

Our busbar machine is very popular in India Market.

Function: Cutting, Punching, Bending

CUTTING UNIT: No Waste,no burrs,the cutting interface is very flat.

cutting uint 001.JPG

PUNCHING UNIT: various round holes and rectangular holes

punching dies0014.jpg

punching dies 0022.jpg

Punching dies 05.jpg

BENDING UNIT: horizontal bending, Vertical bending 

Bending unit 01.jpg

Embossing, Pressing Cable joint, Twisting, reverse flattening etc for Copper or Aluminium bus bars.

Material Processed:  

Brass / Copper busbar, Aluminum busbar.


1.Adopting cutting structure of double upright column for cutting unit. Cutting mouth is neat and no burr,cutting no waste materials

2.Adopting tridimensional turret of nodular cast iron material with four mould positions(the turrent is a whole one  ) for Punching unit improves the condentricity of moulds, increases work life of the machine and saves the time of changing moulds.

Rotary turret punch unit installed 6 dies.

for punching video please  Copy and paste into the browser address bar

3.Adopting closed bending for the bending unit implements uniformly embossing and bending and increase work life of the machine.Bending angel can be compensation so the angle more  accurate.

4.Adopting double benches for bending unit,that realized the real sense of the three work stations can work at the same time without influence  

for bending video please  Copy and paste into the browser address bar.

5.Adopting PLC controlled,more stable than traditional relay

6.The three units can work at the same time,without influence,improving work efficiency

7.Adopting thick steel sheets to weld for hydraulic oil tank and having Phosphating process , so that hydraulic oil can not deteriorate for a long time.

Punching dies 001.jpg

Punching dies 002.jpg

Vertical bending dies 01.jpg

busbar machine 06.jpg

busbar machine 05.jpg

busbar machine 01.jpg

Quotation will be sent you soon if you need.

Welcome to visit my factory and you'll realize that our busbar machine will be your best choice.

If you have any questions,contact me please.

Best regards

David Wang

Email: david@sdjpsk.com

Mob: +86 13153168025

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