China JINGPENG 3-in-1 CNC Busbar Processing Machine JPMX-503SK

China JINGPENG 3-in-1 CNC Busbar Processing Machine JPMX-503SK

This type JPMX-503SK busbar processing machine is mainly used for processing copper or aluminum busbars in different specifications. It is easy to operate to make sure high production efficiency. So it is an ideal processing equipment for electrical appliance manufacturing of high and low voltage.
Product description

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China JINGPENG 3-in-1 CNC Busbar Processing Machine JPMX-503SK

1.Main picture of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:


2.Main applications of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:

 It is widely used in switchgear,control panel,power transformer,switchboard,high-low voltage system production.It will improve the working effiencicy,and become your good helper.


3.Three working units of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:

It has three working units: punching unit,cutting unit,bending unit. The three units can work at the same time.The working stroke of each processing unit is adjustable to save time and improve the working efficiency.

A.Punching unit:

1) United six-dies turn-plate structure, make sure the upper die and the lower die are absolutely in the center.

2) 6 punching dies can punch 6 kinds of holes, no need to replace the dies frequently.

3) Three location modes: locating pin, locating ruler and LED light.

4) No pressing mark on the workpiece surface.

5) Can punch non-standard holes with special dies, for example, square hole, oval hole etc.

6) 2 limit switches. (foot switch & press button).


                                         6 punching dies turret punching working station.                                      punching dies

B.Cutting unit:

1) Use sharp shearing, flat incision interface, no droops, no burrs, no waste.

2) Two pressure type to make sure no apex angle.

3) 2 limit switches. (foot switch & press button).


             Shearing/cutting work station                                          shearing blade (T10)


C. Bending Unit:

With three electric motors and pumps,three working units(punching,cutting,bending units) can work at the same time without interference. Bending unit can complete horizontal bending,vertical bending,U bending,embossing,twisting by

replacing the processing  dies.

1) Horizontal bending.(2 sets horizontal bending dies)

2) Vertical bending. (2 sets vertical bending dies)

3) U bending (1 set)

4) Embossing

5) Twisting

6) PLC control. Input the copper thickness and angle directly. 


                       Horizontal bending                                                2 sets of bending dies(3 pieces) 


              Vertical bending                                                           2 sets of bending dies (4 pieces)


                         U-bending                                                                      1 set of U bending die


        Embossing die                                                                  Embossing sample       

4.Main advantages of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:

1) Turret rotate punch, no need change dies, high efficiency, save time.

2) Cutting without any waste, save busbar. cutting adge very flat.

3) The machine has 4 foot-wheels, easy to move.

4) There are two operating modes: manual button and foot switch, which is simply operated.

5) Only need to input the thickness and angle,you can get the busbar shape.

5.Configuration checklist of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:

8 sets of punching dies                                      1 set of shearing blade
2 sets of horizontal bending dies                        2 sets of vertical bending dies

1 set of U bending dies             3 sets of foot switches

1 set of oil filler                                                    1 set of inner hexagon spanner

1 set of hydraulic system sealing ring       1 set of random tools    
2 pieces of Limit Switch                                      1 piece punching location needle.



6.Main components of CNC busbar processing machine JPMX-503SK:

A.AC contactor, thermal relay, circuit breaker (Schneider):


B.Simen PLC:


C.Directional valve & Relief valve  ( Yuken ):


7.Processed copper busbar samples:


8.Packing and shipping:



9.Certification of CE & ISO:


10.Enough stock of raw materials to make sure delivery time:



Jinan Jingpeng CNC machinery Co.,Ltd is a company, specializing in the development,production,selling of electrical and CNC metalplate machines.We are professional manufacturer for busbar processing machine in China for more than ten years. Our busbar processing machine are approved by ISO & CE certificate, the machine quality is highly respected among customers in North America, Europe and most Asia countries. 




12.Operation video:


If you have any concern about our products,you are welcome to come to visit our factory to inspect the machine.Waiting for your kindly inquiry!

Contacting person:Mandy(Sales manager)

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