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Use Of Portable Busbar Machine
Jun 22, 2017

At present, in the field of mechanical processing, because the portable busbar and traditional bus processing machine, compared with a lot of advantages, so its use is increasingly widespread, but the device is a set of machines, electricity, liquid, gas, microelectronics and so on Kind of technology in a device, after the failure, to exclude, maintenance has some difficulties. This requires the operator to use the portable bus machine to pay attention to prevention, thereby reducing the probability of failure to improve the utilization of bus processing machine. Next, Jinan Hongshun CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. for everyone to talk about the use of portable bus machine instructions

First, before use, in accordance with the portable bus machine to install the environment of the technical requirements, the bus processing machine should be placed in a relatively clean, constant temperature, Portable Busbar Machine humidity constant place. Although it is difficult to do, but to try to create the sword, as close as possible to use the environment. In addition, after the installation of the bus processing machine is completed, the normal use of the case, we should also note the following:

Busbar processing machine before use, the bus processing machine to check, can reduce the bus processing machine in the use of the process of failure, affecting production.

(1) before power, to check the appearance of portable bus machine, electrical pipelines and some of its external auxiliary equipment, whether there are abnormal circumstances. Especially the external auxiliary equipment: with a hydraulic system pump station, to observe the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient; with air pressure system, to carry out regular air compressors, storage pressure vessel drainage, Portable Busbar Machine to prevent accumulation of accumulation More water, driven by the air into the bus processing machine inside, causing parts of the corrosion, or even damage.

(2) power, according to the normal power sequence: bus processing machine total power - CNC system power supply - servo system power - release the emergency stop button to reduce the impact on the CNC system electrical components, to extend the service life.

(3) after power, lubrication is any moving parts to maintain the normal movement trajectory, reduce the friction, improve the service life is an indispensable important condition. This is to ask us to pay attention to check the lubrication device in the amount of oil is sufficient, when the lack of timely replenishment, but also to regularly check the filter is blocked, check the oil is smooth, Portable Busbar Machine the oil point is normal oil Outflow. Such problems, once discovered, must be dealt with in a timely manner. If there is no oil in the state of work, on the one hand will increase the friction resistance, increase the power consumption of the bus processing machine, waste of energy, on the other hand will accelerate the wear of moving parts , Affecting the accuracy of bus processing machine, affecting the quality of workpiece processing.

Second, in use, portable bus machine in the course of the use, should be strictly controlled in the use of its parameters, or may cause damage to the bus processing machine, such as: machining centers, CNC milling machine on the table placed on the workpiece and its Fixture and other auxiliary tools shall not exceed the maximum load bearing, otherwise it will damage the movement of the guide; Portable Busbar Machine cutting force as far as possible not to overload, otherwise it will cause the transmission damage, failure, more serious due to excessive current burned spindle motor or into To the motor and so on. At the same time, but also try to avoid the natural frequency of the bus processing machine to prevent resonance, affecting the processing accuracy, and even lead to cutting tools, bus processing machine parts damage. In the use of bus processing machine, we can fully mobilize our various senses, to listen, touch, see, smell and so on, the timely detection of problems, solve the problem.

(1) to listen to the sound, the bus processing machine in operation, there will be a certain sound, but we also have to pay attention to whether the abnormal sound, such as: the trachea burst leak sound, lubrication system "blah blah" suddenly changed Sound, cutting the knife "squeak" and so on, Portable Busbar Machine there are such abnormal sound, be sure to stop in time to prevent the situation to expand.

(2) the temperature of the busbar processing machine, bus processing machine in operation, a certain temperature rise is normal, because the operation of the existence of the role of friction, resulting in heat, under normal circumstances, when the bus processing machine to reach A certain time, it will reach the balance of heat, that is, the temperature is basically constant, generally 50-60 degrees, if put on, do not dare to stay, indicating that the temperature is high, and should check whether the full lubrication.

(3) to see the bus processing machine working conditions of poor parts, because the portable bus machine in the processing time, most of the time to spray the coolant, one to wash, cool the workpiece and the tool, so there are broken iron, cutting fluid So that part of the working conditions are poor, especially on the portable bus machine on the knife before and after the movement of the trip switch, most likely rushed into the broken iron, so that the contact is not flexible enough to stretch, then we have to hand, The In addition, in the part of the cutting process, it may also produce ribbon iron, easy to wrap in the tool, the workpiece, Portable Busbar Machine affecting the cooling effect and produce extrusion, damage to the tool, also need to be cleaned up in time.

(4) smell the smell, smell whether there is odor, mainly electrical pipe pungent taste of pungent odor.

Third, after use

(1) the correct shutdown, in accordance with the correct shutdown sequence: emergency stop button - servo system power supply - CNC system power supply - bus processing machine total power.

(2) timely cleaning of health, daily maintenance, bus processing machine after use, to promptly carry out hygiene cleaning, and then in the bus processing machine on the surface of the motor and some parts of the surface coating oil, rust maintenance.

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