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Three-in-one Bus Machine To Improve Work Efficiency
Jul 06, 2017

Three-in-one bus machine features:

1, the cutting unit using a common double-knife shear, cut flat, no burr

2, punching unit using six-mode integral turntable, to ensure that the upper mold and the mold of the absolute alignment, extending the life of the mold. No need to replace the mold, Three in One Busbar Machine the use of more convenient and efficient, production efficiency was significantly higher than the traditional punching unit.

3, bending unit using a closed overall frame structure, so that in the processing of bending and embossing more evenly, greatly improving the batch production of repeated positioning accuracy and extend the service life.

4, bending unit with horizontal processing, Three in One Busbar Machine in the processing more secure and convenient. The same time as the above-

5, the machine's three work stations can work at the same time, do not affect each other, greatly improving the efficiency

6, the working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to reduce the processing of auxiliary time, improve production efficiency.

7, the hydraulic tank with thick steel plate welding, Three in One Busbar Machine and made a phosphating treatment, so that long-term use of hydraulic oil will not deteriorate. The same time as the above-

Three-in-one bus machine in the hydraulic tool industry is a relatively popular product, due to the construction of electric copper and aluminum when there will be busbar punching, busbar cut off, busbar bending and other processes, so manufacturers can design a trinity Of the product, Three in One Busbar Machine the first time mainly by the hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic cutting machine composed of the three in one, as the name suggests three-in-one bus machine.

Three-in-one bus machine has been widely used. Of course, the bus processing is not just punching machine row row bending row of these procedures, but also the design to the vertical bend, as well as bus embossing, hydraulic clamp crimping, hydraulic shear and other processes, so manufacturers re-triple basis Plus a station, Three in One Busbar Machine composed of four-in-one bus processing machine.

Three-in-one bus machine:

Model: EPCB-301

Function: punching, cutting, flat bending

Access voltage / control voltage: single phase 220V / 50Hz

Rated working oil pressure: 63Mpa (overpressure safety valve set value)

1 punching machine: CH-60

Output: 31T

Hole to the edge of the distance: 70mm

Punching capacity: copper and aluminum row thickness ≤ 12mm iron plate thickness ≤ 6mm

Throat depth: 95mm

Factory with mold: Φ10.5, Φ13.8, Φ17, Φ20.5

Weight: 23kg

2 Cutting tool: CWC-150

Output: 15T

Cutting capacity: copper and aluminum row thickness ≤ 12mm copper and aluminum row width ≤ 15mm

Weight: 31kg

3 Bending Machine (EPCB-301): CB-200A

Mobile table size: 800 * 600 * 770

Weight (including mold): 170kg

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