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Three-in-one Bus Machine Low Noise, Stable Work
May 18, 2017

Three-in-one bus machine is a summary of domestic years of experience and design and development of a high-strength multi-functional three-in-one bus machine. Punching, cutting, bending row of body are made of steel wire cutting, durable, will not break. Suitable for large-scale workshop and transmission and distribution work on-site construction, and distribution cabinets and switchgear and other electrical manufacturers use. The busbar to cut off, punching, bending three-station processing, easy to operate, save time, high production efficiency.

Three-in-one busbar main structure: Three in One Busbar Machine This product is made of hydraulic electric pump with solenoid valve ZCB-700B, CH-70 punching machine, CWC-300 cutting machine, CB-300A bending machine, table, switch and other components composition.

1. Hydraulic electric pump ZCB-700B: high pressure, low noise, stable operation, foot switch. Single phase: 220V, rated working pressure: 70MPa.

2.CH-70 punching machine: output 35T, throat depth: 160mm, processing copper maximum thickness of 12mm, standard with mold: Φ10.5, Φ13.8, Φ17.5, Φ20.5 four pay, the other can be customized Square mold and long strip mold.

3.CWC-300 cutting machine: Output: 20T, processing capacity: copper 300mm wide X12mm thick.

4.CB-300A bending machine: output: 20T. Processing capacity: 300mm wide X12 mm thick, angle 0-90 degrees.

Three-in-one bus machine use: first prepared to be processed products, installed the corresponding station of the mold, the workpiece into the mold cavity, turn the three-station switch to a designated station, open the hydraulic electric Pump, use the foot or manual switch to work, Three in One Busbar Machine after the completion of the next station to work.

Any machine with a long time will produce a lot of dust and product debris, if not timely cleaning, it may lead to the normal operation of the machine, so for the three-in-one bus machine, in addition to doing maintenance work, cleaning work Is also the key.

    First, the hot oil cleaning method for the use of course of time, soft dry oil or anti-rust paste hardening of the bearings, should be immersed in 100-200 ℃ of hot oil, with pliers to hold the bearings, brush with clean brush on the oil. Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃ on the melting, very simple from the gap in the bearing washed out. Sometimes as long as the bearings in the oil repeatedly shaking. The oil will also flow away from the gap. In the cleaning of the old three-in-one bus motor or imported motor radial spherical bearings, it should be the ball, bead, inner ring out from the outer ring and then immersed in the hot oil, short cylindrical roller bearings clean Should also be the roller, bead, inner ring and outer ring off. In the hot oil cleaning, Three in One Busbar Machine the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If the direct use of fire directly heated, should pay attention to avoid burning the oil, the bearing to be suspended in the pan, the bottom will lead to overheating and down hardness.

    Second, the general cleaning method to put the oil in the oil soak for 5-10 minutes, one hand pinch the inner ring, the other hand to change the outer ring, the bearing on the dry oil or rust cream will fall. And then three-in-one bus machine bearings into the cleaner oil, with a delicate soft brush rinse, the ball and the gap within the oil wash, and then into the gasoline cleaning 1, Three in One Busbar Machine remove and put in the clean On paper. Radial spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings should be clean ball, bead, inner ring and outer ring off cleaning. Installed in the three-in-one bus shaft bearing clean, mainly by leaking oil or oil gun eruption method, a simple clean out of the oil first with oil after the oil; difficult to clean off the oil, first with 100-200 ℃ hot oil leaching or oil gun eruption, and then clean the gasoline. Must pay attention not to use sharp things on the scraping bearing: hardened grease or rust, to avoid damage to the bearing tumbling and groove parts of the finish, washed with a clean cloth clean cloth.

So here to remind you that the future use of three-in-one bus machine, we must always do his cleaning work Oh ~

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