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The Use Of Bus Processing Machine
Jan 14, 2017

Bus processing machine we are not many strange, the market demand is also larger, following Xiaobian to introduce you to use the bus processing machine range.

Bus processing machine is mainly used in high and low voltage switch cabinet, transformer manufacturing industry, for processing a variety of copper and aluminum bus.As long as the corresponding processing unit can be respectively bus punching, shearing, folding processing, high production efficiency . Busbar machine easy to use, the production efficiency is higher than the traditional bus processing equipment.The working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted to reduce the processing of auxiliary time and improve production efficiency.Through the replacement of mold can also achieve a variety of processing functions, such as pressure Flowers, flattening, pressing the cable connector and button twist etc. The machine is equipped with casters, by adjusting the four legs, can be easily moved.

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