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The Triple Bus Machine Is Flexible And Convenient To Use
Jul 31, 2017

Three-triple bus can be independently cut, punching, large bending, small bending (retrace), embossing, line cable first class;

The triple bus is used in complete sets of transmission and distribution equipment, electric power complete sets of production and processing manufacturing enterprises.

Three-in-one bus machine six work station at the same time, Three in One Busbar Machine the independent completion of shearing, punching, large bending, small bending (retrace), embossing, line cable first class;

Three-in-one bus machine equipped with six processing units, through the manual and foot switch can be divided into bus, cutting, folding processing. The use of triple bus and traditional bus-bar machine compared with high production efficiency, easy to use.

The triple-in bus machine can realize a variety of processing functions without replacing the mould, such as punching the oblong hole, bending, bending, embossing and pressure equality. The machine is equipped with manual button and foot switch two kinds of operation way, the operation is simple, Three in One Busbar Machine the use is nimble and convenient, the general skilled worker can use the operation easily. Triple-A bus bending unit using CNC mode, Three in One Busbar Machine with memory function, operation more advanced, input data, you can re-use.

Triple Bus Features:

1, the shearing unit uses the common double knife type shearing, the shearing mouth is smooth, without burr

2, the punching unit adopts the six-mode integral turntable, which guarantees the absolute alignment of the upper and lower die, and extends the service life of the die. No need to replace the mold, Three in One Busbar Machine the use of more convenient and efficient, production efficiency is significantly higher than the traditional punching unit.

3. The bending unit adopts the closed frame structure to make it more uniform in the process of flat bending and embossing, which greatly improves the repeatability of the mass production and prolongs the service life.

4, bending unit using horizontal processing, Three in One Busbar Machine in the processing more safe and convenient.

5, the machine's three work stations can work at the same time, not affect each other, greatly improve the work efficiency

6, each processing unit's work stroke can be conveniently adjusted, reduces the processing auxiliary time, enhances the production efficiency.

7, hydraulic oil tank using thick steel plate welding, Three in One Busbar Machine and made phosphating treatment, so that the long-term use of hydraulic fluids will not deteriorate.

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