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The Structure Of The Copper Bar Bending Machine Is Composed Of Several Parts
Jan 14, 2017

1, Blocking material: block the use of motor drive, driving through the chain of two screw drive synchronous movement, the NC system control block size;

2, synchronization system: copper bending machine by the torsion axis, swing arm, joint bearings, etc. composed of mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high precision synchronization.

3, the workbench section: by the button box control, so that the motor drive block rack before and after the move, controlled by the numerical control system to move the distance, the minimum reading of 0.01 mm;

4, the slider section: copper bending machine with hydraulic transmission, the slider part of the slider, cylinder and mechanical block fine-tuning structure. Left and right cylinder fixed in the rack, through the hydraulic piston to drive the slider up and down movement, the mechanical stop by the numerical control system control adjustment value.

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