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The Numerical Control Generatrix Machine Enhances The Production Efficiency
Oct 10, 2017

CNC Busbar is also known as bus, Busbar, Mother row Processing machine, copper processing machine is mainly used in a variety of specifications of copper, aluminum busbar processing. The same machine can be punched, cut and bent separately or simultaneously. Simple operation, easy to use, high production efficiency, CNC Busbar Machine is dedicated to the power industry, high and low pressure sets, busbar industry, the processing of copper and aluminum busbar special equipment.

The use of common file shear shear: cut mouth flat without couch angle, busbar price, no burr, beautiful appearance;

CNC Busbar Machine Table with measuring ruler.

Elastic Polyurethane mat: better shearing effect.

Two modes of operation include manual button pedal switch: A glance, simple and quick.

Main features of CNC Busbar:

1, the machine has punching, shearing/folding two processing units, CNC Busbar Machine shearing and bending units together, can be divided into the bar punching, shearing, bending processing, bending unit replacement die, can also be pressed, embossing, pressure cable joints, CNC Busbar Machine Shanhua and other special processing.

2, the work of each unit can be easily adjusted, reduce processing time, improve production efficiency.

3, punching, shearing units with vertical processing, CNC Busbar Machine flexible and convenient operation, the use of flat edge shearing, shear workpiece formation.

4, the machine is equipped with casters, by adjusting four feet, you can easily move.

5, each unit realizes the numerical control, CNC Busbar Machine may use the numerical control system to carry on the processing, also may choose to use the foot switch control processing process.

6, in the processing process, the workpiece positioning by the control of the material, accurate, do not need to close the rush, do not need to draw lines, greatly saving time, CNC Busbar Machine improve the efficiency of the production of multiple-station bus processing Machine 4 times times, suitable for mass production.

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