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Principle Of Hydraulic Pump
Aug 04, 2017


The hydraulic electric pump is operated by the principle of the change in the volume of the seal, so it is generally called the displacement type hydraulic pump. The plunger 2 is fitted in the cylinder 3 to form a sealed volume a, the plunger is always pressed under the action of the spring 4 Tight on the eccentric wheel 1. The prime mover drives the eccentric wheel 1 to rotate the plunger 2 for reciprocating motion so that the size of the sealed volume a undergoes an alternating change of the period [2]. When a large change from the small when the formation of part of the vacuum, so that the oil tank in the atmospheric pressure under the action of the suction pipe top check valve 6 into the oil chamber a and oil absorption; the other hand, when a large change, a cavity Suction of the oil will be the top of the check valve 5 into the system to achieve pressure oil. So that the hydraulic electric pump will be the main engine input mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy, the prime mover driven eccentric wheel constantly rotating, hydraulic electric pump will continue to absorb oil and oil.

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