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Precautions Before The Use Of CNC Busbar
Aug 10, 2017

CNC Busbar is mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing industry, used for processing various specifications of copper, aluminum busbar. As long as the user in the corresponding processing units, can be carried out by the mother of the punching, shearing, folding processing, production efficiency. Today's little series will take you to understand the use of CNC bus before the attention of the items are what.

1, must select the strict training, CNC Busbar Machine and proficiency in the use, maintenance and other technical operators to carry on the machine work.

2, operators do not wear mast clothing, wear decorative supplies, according to the need to use helmets, goggles, safety boots, CNC Busbar Machine gloves and other protective supplies. Cuffs, waist should be tightened to avoid the occurrence of the numerical control bus traction and involved in the dangerous situation.

3, must carry out the inspection work before starting the work. Check the punching up and down template of the stop bolt is tightened, shear up and down template each bolt is loose; bending die is firmly installed

4, fully consider the numerical control bus and Busbar movement based on the setting of the scope of operation, the operation of unrelated personnel should not enter the scope. CNC Busbar Machine In order to avoid problems, it is recommended to use protective devices such as safety fences, brackets and so on.

5, the equipment starts, the winter air machine runs 15 minutes, CNC Busbar Machine the summer air machine runs 5 minutes, then carries on the work.

The same fault can be treated by the mechanical fault of the conventional Busbar machine, which is the same as that of the conventional busbar machine. However, CNC Busbar Machine because of the electric control of the NC bus machine, the mechanical structure is simplified, so the mechanical failure rate is reduced obviously.

Since most of the transmission chains of the NC Busbar are rolling friction pairs, the faults in this area are mainly caused by the decrease of the motion quality. If the reverse gap increases, the positioning accuracy is not up to the requirements, mechanical crawling phenomenon, bearing noise becomes larger (especially after the mechanical hard collision easy to produce) and so on. CNC Busbar Machine This part of the maintenance is often associated with the preload of the motion pair, the loosening ring and the adjustment of the compensation link.

This part of the fault is related to the automatic tensioning device of the hilt, the automatic gear shifting device and the decrease of the spindle motion accuracy. Because the numerical control bus machine adopts the electric automatic speed regulation, it has canceled the mechanical gearbox device, CNC Busbar Machine sometimes although the gearbox is very simple, the structure simplifies the fault greatly.

The numerical control bus is equipped with a number of limit movement of the stroke switch, after a period of time, the movement characteristics of the moving parts are changed and the mechanical reliability of the stroke switch and the quality and characteristics of the stroke switch will affect the movement of the whole machine. This requires a good inspection, replacement, or adjustment.

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