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Performance Characteristics Of CNC Busbar Bending Machine
Sep 27, 2017

1. CNC busbar bending machine body structure is firm, material expected, impact resistance, durable use is not deformed. The equipment looks beautiful and fine workmanship.

2. Numerical control bus bending machine operation Man-machine interface, real-time reflect the equipment running state, with equipment failure information alarm function.

3. Hydraulic power motor with international and domestic brands of energy-efficient motor, in the same working conditions, saving energy.

4. Different molds can be used to complete the plane row of bending, lateral bending of the two processing technology, lateral bending mold with automatic clamping and release function to ensure the smoothness of the workpiece, to reduce the bending arc damage.

5. The control software can accurately calculate the length of bending and bending, the bending order of the workpiece, can automatically find the bending order, to achieve programming automation, angle compensation function, bending accuracy of up to ± 0.2 ° high performance indicators.




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