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Matters Needing Attention In Using Copper Platoon
Jan 14, 2017

With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the use of copper processing machine is also more and more widely.Now, the copper processing machine is mainly applied to high and low voltage switch cabinet, transformer manufacturing industry.Copper processing machine is a large equipment in use Of the time must pay attention to the use of precautions, so as to ensure the normal operation of the next small series to introduce you to use copper processing machine should pay attention to matters.

1) The first row of copper processing machine to the tank before the first oiling, so as not to damage the pump.Also familiar with the machine's performance, structure and methods of operation.Do not wear large clothes operation, so as to avoid danger.

2) Copper platoon processing machine connected to the power after the first row of copper processing machine for a short time preheating, so you can make copper processing machine in the next operation more handy.

3) As the copper processing machine can be more than one operation, so there must be someone in charge of production. Be sure to choose according to the thickness of the copper cutting blade and punch die gap and bending fillet radius in the replacement of mold must be shut down , In order to avoid danger, in the operation, holding the workpiece to wait for the slider down to be careful.Don't regularly check the blade and die edge sharpness, into the blade blunt, should be timely grinding or replacement.

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