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Maintenance And Maintenance Of CNC Busbar Machine
Jul 31, 2017

CNC Busbar is mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing industry, for processing a variety of copper, aluminum bus. As long as the corresponding processing units can be divided into busbar punching, shearing, folding processing, high production efficiency. The use of CNC Busbar is convenient and the production efficiency is higher than that of traditional bus processing equipment. CNC Busbar Machine The working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted, reduce processing time and improve production efficiency. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of the numerical control Busbar.

1. The shearing unit of the numerical control Busbar machine adopts the common double knife shearing, CNC Busbar Machine the cut mouth is flat, without Burr.

2, the punching unit adopts the six-mode integral turntable, which guarantees the absolute alignment of the upper die and the lower die, CNC Busbar Machine and prolongs the service life of the die. No need to replace the mold, the use of more convenient and efficient, production efficiency is significantly higher than the traditional punching unit.

3. The bending unit adopts the closed frame structure and horizontal machining to make it more uniform at the same time when processing flat bending and embossing, which greatly improves the precision of repeated positioning and prolongs the service life.

4, CNC Busbar machine Three work stations can work at the same time, no impact, greatly improve the working efficiency, CNC Busbar Machine each processing unit of the work trip can be easily adjusted, reduce processing auxiliary time.

5, the hydraulic tank with thick steel plate welding, and made the phosphating treatment, so that the long-term use of hydraulic oil will not deteriorate, CNC Busbar Machine the hydraulic hose using the national standard a type of connection, that is durable and convenient maintenance.

6, CNC Busbar equipped with casters, can be more convenient to move.

Maintenance and maintenance of CNC Busbar.

1, CNC bus machine punching, shearing, bending three units of the moving parts, before the class to be coated lubrication oil, each class;

2, CNC bus machine punching die, shearing mold, CNC Busbar Machine bending die every 50 times each job needs to rub lubricant;

3, CNC bus every 6 months or 5,000-20,000 hours after the use of anti-wear hydraulic oil characteristics will change, and will tend to solidify. Usually when using 5,000 hours or the color of the oil to change to brownish black, oil should be changed;

4. Before work, the worktable and each unit of the NC bus machine should be oiled and maintained.

CNC Busbar equipment is mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformers manufacturing industry, used for processing various specifications of copper, aluminum busbar. CNC Busbar Machine As long as the user in the corresponding processing units, can be carried out by the mother of the punching, shearing, folding processing, production efficiency. Today's little series will take you to understand the use of CNC bus equipment before the attention of the items are what.

1, must select the strict training, and proficiency in the use, maintenance and other technical operators to carry on the machine work.

2, operators do not wear mast clothing, wear decorative supplies, according to the need to use helmets, goggles, safety boots, gloves and other protective supplies. Cuffs, waist should be tightened to avoid the occurrence of the numerical control bus traction and involved in the dangerous situation.

3, must carry out the inspection work before starting the work. CNC Busbar Machine Check the punching up and down template of the stop bolt is tightened, shear up and down template each bolt is loose;

4, fully consider the CNC bus equipment and Busbar movement based on the setting of the scope of operation, the operation of unrelated personnel should not enter the scope. In order to avoid problems, it is recommended to use protective devices such as safety fences, brackets and so on.

5, the equipment starts, the winter air machine runs 15 minutes, the summer air machine runs 5 minutes, then carries on the work.

The above is a small series on the use of CNC bus equipment attention to the introduction of the use of CNC busbar equipment to help you.

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