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Main Performance Of Hydraulic Pumps
Aug 08, 2017


1, the appropriate viscosity, good viscosity characteristics

Viscosity is the first choice when the choice of hydraulic oil factors, the same working pressure, the viscosity is too high, hydraulic components increased resistance to speed up the hydraulic pump to enhance the self-absorption capacity, pipeline pressure drop and power loss increased; Low, will increase the volume loss of the hydraulic pump, the component leakage increases, and the sliding parts of the oil film thinning, support capacity decreased.

2, good lubricity

Hydraulic electric pumps have a large number of moving parts that need to be lubricated to prevent relative wear of the moving surface, especially in systems with higher pressures, which require a much higher resistance to hydraulic oil.

3, good antioxidant

Hydraulic electric pump in the course of the use of oxidation will occur, the hydraulic oil produced by the oxidation of acidic substances will increase the corrosion of the metal, the sludge sludge will cause the filter and small cracks, so that the hydraulic system is not working properly, Has good oxidation resistance.

4, good shear stability

As the hydraulic oil through the pump, valve jets and cracks, to withstand severe shear, resulting in some of the macromolecular polymer in the oil, such as tackifier molecules break into small molecules, so that viscosity, when the viscosity Reduced to a certain degree of oil can not be used, so require a good anti-shear performance.

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