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Convenient Maintenance Of CNC Busbar Bending Machine
Oct 10, 2017

CNC Busbar Bending Machine dedicated to the power industry, box-type substation, high and low pressure sets, busbar industry needs copper, aluminum busbar processing. The use of 2-axis digital control can be used to achieve a variety of bus specifications flat bending, bending and other work. The use of unique touch screen, PLC digital control method with simple operation, easy to use, less fault points, easy maintenance, CNC Busbar Bending Machine high efficiency and low consumption, precision and accurate, low-carbon environmental protection and other advantages. The operation of the bus line will only be installed in place, with touch-screen programming and related operations can complete the bus row of the flat bending, bending and other work, CNC Busbar bending machine using AC servo numerical control side, CNC Busbar Bending Machine grating control machining angle and other advanced principles, so that the precision of the ±0.1mm, angle control accuracy of ± 0.5 °. After the process is started, the workpiece is processed directly, without semi-finished product sequencing stacking, can be directly transferred, improve efficiency, reduce footprint, CNC Busbar Bending Machine reduce labor intensity, no matter, waste generation, no wastes emissions, safe, efficient, accurate, environmental protection. Can be combined with BLMXCJ-5200 CNC Busbar punching and shearing machine to become CNC busbar machining center, CNC Busbar Bending Machine processing efficiency is more than the conventional products

CNC Busbar Bending Machine How to use it, you know? Today's little series will bring everyone to understand.

1, the operation of CNC Busbar bending machine before the first to carry out oil surface inspection, such as the oil surface below the cordon, need to add lubricating oil in all activities. CNC Busbar Bending Machine Start oil pump At the same time observe whether the rotation direction of oil pump in line with the direction of the nameplate, CNC Busbar Bending Machine so that the pump empty running two minutes before

2, the use of CNC Busbar bending machine must be responsible for management, the operator must be familiar with the safety operation procedure of Busbar. When making busbar, the bending force should be selected according to the different size of busbar and the use of the "Bending Force selection table". As far as possible, CNC Busbar Bending Machine the use of small bending force, due to the bending force of large, Busbar can be damaged when making bus.

3. When making the bus, we should pay attention to the direction and position of the bus, prevent the busbar from being maligned and the human body in the process.

4, in the adjustment of CNC Busbar bending machine equipment work bending force, should pay attention to the system of the maximum oil pressure should not exceed 20Mpa, CNC Busbar Bending Machine otherwise will damage the equipment;

5, in the bending machine on the mold, to the mold pendulum, there are screws fastening the place to tighten the nut, unloading the mold to pay attention to the activities of the mold, to prevent loose;

Description of CNC Busbar bending machine

1. Bending copper row into aluminum bending angle of 90 degrees below, do not damage to the copper material.

2. It is suitable for the switch box, CNC Busbar Bending Machine the distribution plate automatic control disk wiring project, uses the separation type to carry conveniently.

3. The busbar can be bent 0~135 in its vertical plane.

4. On the base of the machine marked with a scale, bending angle needs to be controlled by the operator.

5. Bending copper row must pay attention to the central position of the copper row, CNC Busbar Bending Machine must aim at the scale of 0 degrees.

6. Need to be equipped with CP-700, hp-700a, ZCB-700, zcb-700b and other pump products.

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