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CNC Busbar Operation Is Very Convenient
Oct 30, 2017

CNC Busbar is mainly used for processing various specifications of copper, aluminum masterbatch, it includes the board, support plate, grating controller, cylinder, pressure Head, column, shearing die, punching die, bending die. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the numerical control bus.

1, CNC bus equipment equipped with punching, shearing, CNC Busbar Machine folding three processing units, each processing unit of the work can be easily adjusted, so can reduce processing time, improve production efficiency. A variety of machining functions can be realized by replacing the mould of the NC busbar.

2, CNC busbar bending unit using CNC mode, with memory function, can input processing data in advance, the system based on the input information from the data processing. In addition, CNC bus equipment can be processed workpiece on-site data into the system at any time, and the use of repeated.

3, CNC Busbar machine has password protection function, you can modify the unqualified data, if the customer is not the standard workpiece, CNC Busbar Machine but also according to non-standard workpiece requirements set data processing, operation is very convenient.

CNC busbar CNC system, equipment operation simple, strong structure, the material is stocky, resistant to impact, durable use does not deform. The equipment Operation application Man-machine interface, the real-time reflection equipment program running state, has the equipment fault information alarm function. CNC Busbar Machine The hydraulic power motor uses the international, the domestic famous brand high energy efficiency motor, under the same working condition, saves the electricity. CNC Busbar is mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, CNC Busbar Machine transformer manufacturing industry, for processing various specifications of copper, aluminum bus.

1, CNC bus machine suitable for processing cyclical composite production parts, some products have a cyclical and seasonal market demand, if the use of specialized production lines are not worth the cost of ordinary equipment processing efficiency is too low, the quality is not stable, CNC Busbar Machine the quantity is also difficult to guarantee. The first part of the processing center after the trial cut, the program and related production information can be retained, the next time the product is reproduced as long as the preparation time can start production.

2, CNC Busbar is suitable for processing high efficiency, high-precision workpiece. Some parts demand very little, but is a key component, the requirement of high precision and short duration, the use of CNC busbar processing, production entirely by the program automatic control, to avoid the long process flow, CNC Busbar Machine reduce the hardware investment and man-made interference, with high production efficiency and quality stability advantages.

3, suitable for a suitable batch of workpiece, CNC busbar Machining Center Production flexibility is not only reflected in the special requirements of the rapid response soil, and can be quickly realized mass production, especially small batch production, for some complex parts, 5-10 pieces can be produced.

4, CNC bus four-axis linkage, the application of five-axis linkage machining center and the mature development of CAD/CAM technology, CNC Busbar Machine so that the complexity of processing parts greatly improved. The processing content of the same program is sufficient to meet various processing requirements, so that the automatic processing of complex parts becomes very easy.

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