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CNC Bus Machine Work Efficiency
Jul 18, 2017

Features of CNC Busbar and Maintenance Precautions

1. CNC busbar punching unit with a turret mold library, can store up to eight sets of punching mold; bending unit with closed bending, making it in the processing of bending and embossing more uniform and extended use Life, touch screen plus grating and PLC positioning mode, simple operation, high precision, high efficiency 2. Shear unit using the overall structure of the square, single-cut, saving bronze scrap rate, CNC Busbar Machine can be changed into a circular overall structure of force evenly.

3. Three stations at the same time work, do not affect each other, greatly improving the work efficiency;

4. Hydraulic tank with thick steel plate welding, CNC Busbar Machine and made phosphating treatment, so that long-term use of hydraulic oil will not degenerate. In the maintenance of the following points to note

1. CNC bus machine punching, cutting, bending three units of the moving parts, CNC Busbar Machine before the class to be coated with lubricating oil, each class once;

2. Use a period of time after the corresponding busbar machine manual check the corresponding parts;

3. get off work before work and the unit requirements of oil maintenance;

4. Punching mold every day need to rub lubricants once;

5. Cut the mold every day need to rub the oil once;

6. Bend mold every day need to rub oil once;

7. Please pay attention to the unit of the fixed bolt and the bottom of the cylinder bolts are tightened; CNC Busbar Machine reasonable system on the bus processing machine maintenance can increase the bus machine life

Numerical control bus machine punching unit use and mold change method:

1. Before the punching process, the movement part of the machine must be refueled.

2. In the punching process, should be better to maintain the smooth processing of materials. See Figure 7-1

3. Punching device can directly withstand the greater force, CNC Busbar Machine but when the load is affected by the mold will be faulty. (Prohibited: with a circular die punching oval hole, so as to avoid personal injury and mold damage)

4. Note: Material defects can also cause mold damage.

5. When the punching process, the body rises, CNC Busbar Machine the material should be processed to maintain a good balance.

6. For punching, select the appropriate mold.

7. Must be kept on the table for punching.

8. Check the upper and lower mold sizes.

Die for the mold method:

1. Before punching the mold, the punching unit mold needle should be removed.

2. Remove the upper mold assembly, CNC Busbar Machine find the right position on the required model.

3. Remove the lower mold, put on the mold with the next model.

4. Be sure to use the "button switch."

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