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CNC Bus Machine With A High Degree Of Automation
Sep 12, 2017

CNC bus machine is widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, substation, busway, bridge, electrical switches, communications equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis manufacturing and other electrical manufacturing industry.

CNC bus machine with cutting, punching, large bending, small bending five processing units, the main function for the processing of different specifications of copper, aluminum bus, CNC Busbar Machine just use the corresponding processing unit, you can easily and quickly on the copper , Aluminum row for cutting, punching (round hole, waist hole), folding bending, vertical bending, embossing, flattening, twist twist, pressure cable connector and other different processing. Widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, substation, busway, bridge, electrical switches, communications equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis cabinet manufacturing and other electrical manufacturing industry. CNC Busbar Machine Bus processing machine is a reference to foreign advanced products, combined with the domestic reality, in order to improve work efficiency and ensure the safety requirements of the design of supporting equipment. The most suitable for the production of large-scale electric control box and transmission and distribution construction of the construction site use. CNC Busbar Machine But the face of an array of bus processing machine market, we have a little spent the eyes, then the numerical control bus should be how to buy it? Here we come together to find out.

1, buy CNC bus machine, we have to be processed according to the technical requirements of products, according to the process and production line to determine the need to buy the NC bus, CNC Busbar Machine only to buy their own type, in order to allow the NC bus Machine to play the best role, which is conducive to our production and processing.

2, before the final agreement is reached, the supplier to provide equipment for a variety of raw materials and maintenance information, granting people and fish as a grant to fish, CNC Busbar Machine through the understanding of these materials to understand the production capacity and design Ability to have a certain understanding, if the negligence of this work, it will make the equipment into the production after the production of many unnecessary trouble.

3, CNC technology greatly improves the performance of the bus machine equipment automation, but the equipment is able to work or life is a major point when the purchase, CNC Busbar Machine some manufacturers of unreasonable equipment will make many inherent defects and unreasonable Place, and these places in the equipment manual or equipment samples, simply can not understand clearly, CNC Busbar Machine so we need to choose a regular bus processing machine manufacturers.

How does the CNC bus machine select the tool:

1, according to the cutting performance of parts of the material selection of CNC bus machine tool

(1), such as cars or milling high-strength steel, titanium alloy, stainless steel parts, CNC Busbar Machine it is recommended to choose a better wear resistance of the carbide tool.

2, according to the parts of the CNC bus processing phase selection tool

(1), roughing stage to remove the margin of the main, should choose a better rigidity, low precision tool.

(2), semi-finishing, CNC Busbar Machine finishing stage to ensure that the parts of the processing accuracy and product quality, should choose high durability, high precision tool.

(3), the roughness of the tool used in the roughness of the lowest precision, while the finishing stage of the tool with the highest accuracy.

(4), if rough, finishing the same tool, it is recommended to use rough machining when the tool is eliminated.

3, according to the characteristics of CNC bus processing area to select the tool and geometric parameters

(1), in the case of parts structure should be allowed to use large diameter, CNC Busbar Machine diameter ratio of small tools.

(2), processing aluminum, copper and other parts of the soft material should be selected slightly larger front angle of the end mill, the number of teeth should not exceed 4 teeth.

4. Select the tool according to the surface size of the workpiece to be machined by the numerator

(1), production, the contours of the peripheral parts of the processing, often using end mills. In the case of

(2), milling plane, should be selected carbide cutter cutter. In the case of

(3), processing the boss, groove, the election high-speed steel end mills.

(4), processing rough surface or roughing hole, you can choose a carbide cutter blade corn cutter.

(5), for some three-dimensional surface and variable bevel contour contour of the processing, CNC Busbar Machine often using ball cutter, ring cutter, tapered cutter and disc cutter.

In the NC bus machine, all the tools are all pre-installed in the magazine, through the NC program selector and tool change instructions for the corresponding tool change. You must select the appropriate standard tool holder for the machine tool system specifications so that the tool can be quickly and accurately mounted on the machine spindle or return to the magazine.

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