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CNC Bus Machine Operation Flexible And Convenient
Sep 01, 2017

CNC bus machine is widely used in high-voltage switchgear, substation, busway, bridge, electrical switches, communications equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, CNC Busbar Machine office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis manufacturing and other electrical manufacturing industry.

2, two pumps: a pump for the red, cut the unit, a pump for the bending unit, red or cut with the fold can be divided into: 1, single pump: punch, cut, fold three processing unit order work; CNC Busbar Machine Bending unit at the same time work; 3, three pumps: three pumps were washed, cut, fold three units, three processing units can work at the same time.

(Also known as bus machine, bus machine, busbar processing machine, copper processing machine) is mainly used for a variety of copper, aluminum bus a variety of processing. CNC Busbar Machine The same machine can be individually or simultaneously punching, shearing, bending processing. Simple operation, easy to use, high production efficiency, is dedicated to the power industry, high and low voltage sets, busbar industry, CNC Busbar Machine processing copper and aluminum bus for the special equipment.

The main features of CNC busbar machine:

1, the machine has a red, cut / fold two processing units, cutting and bending unit together, respectively, the bus punching, cutting, bending processing, bending units in the bending unit, you can also pressure Flat, embossed, pressure cable connector, button flowers and other special processing.

2, the working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted to reduce the processing of auxiliary time, improve production efficiency.

3, red, cut the unit with vertical processing methods, CNC Busbar Machine flexible and convenient operation, the use of flat blade cutting, cutting the workpiece formation.

4, the machine is equipped with casters, by adjusting the four feet, you can easily move.

5, all the units to achieve numerical control, CNC Busbar Machine you can use CNC system for processing, you can also choose to use the foot switch control process.

6, the process of processing, the workpiece positioning by the block control, good accuracy, do not need to hit the red, do not need to draw lines, significant savings in time and improve work efficiency, production efficiency is multi-station bus processing machine 4 times, Suitable for mass production.

CNC bus machine is mainly used for high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing industry, for processing a variety of copper, aluminum bus. CNC Busbar Machine Users as long as the corresponding processing unit, you can be the mother of the red, High production efficiency. Today, Xiaobian to bring you together to understand the use of CNC bus before the precautions are what.

1, must be selected after rigorous training, and skilled use, maintenance and other technical personnel on the machine work.

2, the operator should not wear hypertrophy clothing, wearing decorative items, according to the need to use helmets, goggles, safety boots, gloves and other protective equipment. Cuffs, CNC Busbar Machine waist circumference need to tighten, to avoid being dragged by CNC bus machine and involved in the risk Happening.

3, before the start of the operation must be carried out inspection work. Check the punching up and down the template of the retaining bolt is tight; cut the upper and lower template parts of the bolts are loose; bending mold installed firmly.

4, take full account of the NC bus and busbar row on the basis of the set of operating range, the operation of unrelated personnel not to enter the range.In order to avoid problems, CNC Busbar Machine it is recommended to use safety fence, pallet support and other protective devices.

5, the equipment starts, the winter air running 15 minutes, the summer air running 5 minutes, and then homework.

The above is the small series of CNC bus on the use of attention to the introduction, I hope you use the CNC bus machine help.

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