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Cleaning Of Busbar Machine
Jan 14, 2017

First, the hot oil cleaning method because the use of time, soft dry oil or anti-rust paste hardening of the bearings should be immersed in the heat oil 100-200 ℃, with pliers grip bearing, with a brush brush clean oil bearing. Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃ to melt, it is simple from the gap in the bearing washed out. Sometimes as long as the bearing in the oil repeatedly shaking. Oil will flow away from the gap. In the cleaning of the old bus processing machine motor or the import of radial spherical bearing bearings, it should be the ball, bead frame, the inner ring from the outer ring and then diverted out of the hot oil, the short cylindrical roller bearings clean Should be roller, bead, inner and outer ring off. In hot oil cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If the direct fire with the fire, should pay attention to avoid burning the oil, the bearings to be hung in the pan, the bottom will lead to overheating and hardness.

Second, the general method of cleaning the bearing on the oil immersed in 5-10 minutes, one hand pinch the inner ring, the other hand to change the outer ring, bearing the dry oil or anti-rust paste will fall. And then bus processing machine bearings into a cleaner kerosene, with a soft brush to wash the ball and the gap within the oil wash, and then into the gasoline in a clean, remove and put on a clean paper . Radial spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings should be clean ball, bead frame, inner ring and outer ring disengaged clean. Installed in the bus processing machine shaft bearing cleaning, mainly by leaching oil or oil gun eruption approach, simply clean off the oil after the first use of oil with gasoline; difficult to clean out the oil, first with 100-200 ℃ Hot oil spray or oil spray eruption, and then clean gasoline.

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