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Busbar Punching Machine Is Easy To Operate
Jul 06, 2017

Busbar Punching Machine Principle: The main feature of the bus punching machine is the use of high pressure generated by the pump, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine the hydraulic oil through the pipeline to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the work of the cylinder and return To achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the gas tank, ready to take, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine so the motor does not idle energy waste. The use of the cylinder for the working parts, the use of solenoid valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, simple maintenance, lower maintenance costs. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, easy to operate. Pneumatic punch structure is simple, low production costs, the use of pneumatic technology, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine to achieve an air compressor can be more than one pneumatic punching machine work, more energy than the electric punch. Reduce power consumption. Easy to operate, high security, the use of foot switch to control the solenoid valve, saving time and effort, low failure rate, improve production efficiency.

Busbar punching machine principle: through the motor drive pump, the oil pump to the hydraulic cylinder, the middle through the pressure gauge, electronic valve, relief valve, oil block, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine a series of fuel tank into the cylinder, the pressure generated by the control box travel , So that the momentum down, driven red needle, with the punching die, out of the stainless steel door flower required hole. After the oil block and then return the oil tank inside, so recycling. Plus a hydraulic oil, long-term use!

Busbar punching machine instructions

◆ specifically for angle iron, flat iron, copper and other metal plate perforation, especially for electricity, construction and other industries in the field site operation.

◆ with pump: CP-700, ZCB-700, ZCB-700B, the factory does not pump, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine to be another purchase.

◆ mother row after punching no burr, no deformation, in line with national standards, similar products in the no right.

◆ single hole type oil, mold with high carbon tungsten alloy steel can not be damaged.

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