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Busbar Punching Machine Especially Suitable For Construction Industry
Aug 10, 2017

Busbar punching machine is a kind of punching machine, applicable to all kinds of steel, iron, copper, aluminum plate, forming steel, trough steel, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine I-beam drilling operations, small size, light weight, easy to operate, labor-saving and quick punching.

Use of Busbar punching machine: for punching characteristics of copper-aluminum Busbar: Using positioning device, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine can be in different specifications of the bus on the double row of four holes, and single row two holes, hole wall flat smooth product number 03002 model YMC-125*12.5 Maximum applicable bus 125*12.5 Working pressure (MPA) 45 Trip (mm) 20 weight (Kg) 30

The use of Busbar punching machine is convenient and the production efficiency is higher than that of traditional busbar processing equipment. CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine The working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted, reduce processing time and improve production efficiency. Through the replacement of the mold can also achieve a variety of processing functions, such as embossing, flattening, pressure CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine cable joints and button twist and so on. The machine is fitted with casters, which can be easily moved by adjusting four legs.

Description of Generatrix Punching machine

1) is specially used in angle, flat iron, copper plate punching holes, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries in the field of site operation.

2.) with pump: CP-700, ZCB-700, zcb-700b, the factory does not contain pumps, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine need to purchase another.

3.) Separate hydraulic punching machine is suitable for L, h plate steel, steel plate aluminum row punching.

4. If you need other specifications mold, you can order separately.

5) At the end of the design is flat, smooth not to be inverted.

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