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The design features of enclosed busbar are introduced
Jan 14, 2017

1, FKC closed bus is in the traditional CMC series on the basis of similar products after the improvement of the new busway.

2, single bolt tightening terminal: busbar design uses advanced single-bolt clamping terminal for the busway unit connector, because of its special structure, to prevent the installation of the wrong operation, and as long as the tightening of a bolt, you can Reliable and quick connection of the two busway units.

3, high degree of protection jack: Busway at the jack at the design of the security shield, only when the protective baffle opened, the plug-in box can be inserted, the jack is usually not when you can pull the protective plate pull and lead Block dead, to prevent dust and foreign matter in the socket entrance, thereby improving the protection of busbar performance, to prevent misuse, so that the safety of the busway has been greatly improved.

4, closed bus shell (protective shell) Number of times: Busway design 5 current levels, only using three levels of shell, so when the system changes capacity according to the adjacent level when the busbar without replacing the shell, such as 400A change 630A, the same shell size, thus greatly facilitate the installation and post-required changes.

5, transmission power: Busbar design for the separation of air-insulated, improved heat dissipation of the busbar, reducing the impedance, to the best economic power transmission busbar.

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