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Talking about the ten benefits of the busway for large buildings
Jan 14, 2017

Modern high-rise buildings and large-scale workshops require huge amounts of electrical energy, and the need for hundreds of thousands of amperes for such large loads requires the use of safe and reliable conduction equipment, bus systems are a good choice, then why Busway it? What are the benefits of a bus for a large building? The following days of ground busbar for everyone to introduce the next big busbar for the construction of the top ten benefits:

First, the current capacity can be large;

Second, the voltage drop is very small;

Third, the short-circuit load capacity;

Fourth, high reliability, long service life;

Fifth, high security;

Sixth, the distribution system to add or change the device freely;

Seventh, small size;

Eighth, light weight, simple operation;

Ninth, the convergence is very simple (like convergence of water pipes in general, a section through the three links, elbow joints so that convergence into a system)

Tenth, construction and view brief;

Eleventh, with a beautiful modern.

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