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Talking about the Basic Knowledge of Air Type Busway
Jan 14, 2017

Air-type busbar for AC three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system, frequency 50 ~ 60Hz, rated voltage to 660V, rated current 250-6000A for the power distribution system, commitment to distribution tasks for low-voltage distribution Screen and large and medium-sized load connection, mainly used in modern workshops, factories and high-rise buildings.This series of busway is in the traditional air-based busbar on the basis of improved products. Air-type busbar bus conductor selection of high purity copper, the conductor surface length of tin, improve the conductor oxidation and corrosion resistance, processing and then use PVC pipe heat shrinkage treatment, phase and ground separated with insulating block, copper busbar Get double insulation protection, insulation performance greatly improved, and then closed in the ground of the metal shell.

Air-type busway shell using high-strength cold-rolled steel cold-rolled into a corrugated structure, not only beautiful appearance, but also greatly enhance the mechanical strength of the busbar and the dynamic thermal stability of the system, can completely solve the construction site of the installation of large-span problem.

The safety baffle is designed at the air-type busbar slot, only when the protective baffle is opened, the plug-in box can be inserted to effectively prevent the dust and foreign matter from entering the socket, thus improving the protection of the busbar, preventing Misuse, so that the safety of the bus has been greatly improved.

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