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Talk about the busbar before use to understand some of the problems!
Jan 14, 2017

As the building, factory and other building power needs, and this need to increase year by year trend, the use of the original circuit wiring, that is, wear pipe, the construction of many difficulties, and when to change the distribution system , It is almost impossible to make it simple, however, if the use of busbar, it is very easy to achieve the purpose, in addition to the building can become more beautiful. Busway must be aware of 6 points before use:

1, exposure to live parts of the equipment are at risk;

2, must verify the busbar trunking phase sequence is correct, busbar insulation resistance of not less than

3, must confirm the installation bracket solid, reliable connection bolts;

4, check the total load current does not exceed the main bus current or design current.

5, busbar began to send power, not with the load;

6, to ensure that trunk trunking from the liquid, solid intrusion;

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