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Simple fault of busbar machine
Jan 14, 2017

Bus machine bearing cleaning methods have a hot oil cleaning method due to the use of time, soft dry oil or anti-rust paste hardened bearings, pliers with the bearing, with a brush brush clean oil bearing. It is easy to come from the gap in the bearing washed. Sometimes only the bearing in the oil repeated swing. Oil will flow away from the gap. In the cleaning of the old bus motor or the import of radial spherical bearing bearings, it should be the ball, bead frame, the inner ring out from the outer ring and then diverted into the hot oil, the short cylindrical roller bearings should also be cleaned The roller, the bead frame, the inner ring and the outer ring are disengaged. In hot oil cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If the direct fire with the fire, it should be careful to avoid burning the oil, the bearings to be hung in the pan, the bottom will cause overheating and reduce hardness. Abstract: The main introduction of large-scale power transformers due to the shortcomings of the insulation and coordination of its safe operation, as well as the analysis and prevention of insulation incidents.

Sudden damp accident refers to splashing into the water processing machine or suction water into the water caused by the accident, the following situations: casing "General Cap" tight seal, sucked into the water along the high-pressure wire seepage to the coil, causing The middle of the high-voltage coil into the inter-turn short circuit; pumping vacuum when the water hit the coil, lead, fill the oil when the water rushed to the coil, causing the coil burned. Mutation of moisture damp insulation as a whole, with the oil circulation, moisture accumulation in the insulation to a certain extent, the cause of the accident. Causing the perimeter discharge; in the electric field at the maximum residue of the silica gel, after the water to turn insulation, so that the insulation of local insulation, causing inter-turn short circuit. In short, the analysis of the normal insulation accident, we must first consider the insulation damp. As the normal working voltage under a great degree, in addition to water outside, very few of its destruction of the insulation elements exist, can withstand the strength of insulation can not withstand the strength of normal operating voltage.

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