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Portable bus processing equipment and the use of precautions
Jan 14, 2017

CNC bus processing machine through the exchange of bus processing machine to complete a variety of processing functions, such as punch long holes, embossed and flattened. The bending unit selects the numerical control method, and has the function of recalling; the user can input the processing data in advance, the system calls out the data according to the inputted information to stop the processing, and can process the working hours into the system and call out repeatedly. Screen display selection of five large screen display mode, with a password maintenance function, you can stop the correction of unqualified data, if the customer is not a standard workpiece selection, can also be set according to non-standard data to stop processing, the operation is very convenient. With the second half of the country's domestic economic regulation and control methods introduced, the trust is a lively signal for each job, the promotion of the career direction of the start of the career has a decisive effect, which I in the second half On the bus processing machine career is the period, but in the quote may be a slight trend, profit space will be a certain tightening, but overall will be an increase of the situation, but also hope that the same career opportunities for the first half of the company I Of the turnover to be a certain increase. In all types of machinery industry in the use of portable portable bus processing machine is also common when the seconds. Was our general waiting, the use of which we are not found its high energy consumption of the appearance, the reason is not the equipment does not have to be accessories, pipe equipment is unreasonable, and then reduce the sediment pump rate, resulting in energy without To throw away.

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