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Performance Characteristics of NC Busbar Bending Machine
Jul 13, 2017


CNC bus bending machine is a computer-controlled bus bending processing equipment, the machine through the X-axis, Y-axis movement with each other, manual auxiliary feeding to complete a variety of bending movements.

CNC bus bending machine performance characteristics are as follows:

1. CNC busbar bending machine body with carbon steel plate welded structure, and the effect of high temperature tempering, surface shot blasting to eliminate welding stress, remove the oxide treatment, the device structure is firm, materials expected, shock, durable use is not deformed. The equipment looks beautiful and fine workmanship.

2. Application of three-dimensional drawing technology developed by the bus processing machine dedicated computer control software, can automatically change the workpiece map into the machine code, according to the bus bar bending elongation accurately calculate the workpiece cutting length and (before bending) punch Position, and can simulate the performance of the bus red row, cut, fold the whole process, can effectively prevent the code input error caused by the material waste.

3. Numerical control bus bending machine operation Man-machine interface, real-time reflect the equipment running state, with equipment fault information alarm function.

4. Hydraulic power motor with international and domestic brands of energy-efficient motor, in the same working conditions, saving energy.

5. X-axis maximum stroke 2000mm, so that unilateral processing length increases, improve the processing range of the workpiece.

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