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Parameters Affecting the Dynamic Performance of Busbar Processors
Jan 14, 2017

A simple explanation of the parameters of the busbar machine and their effect on the dynamic performance.

Power: Power is the engine power output of the most direct reflection of the size of the power of the vehicle can reach the maximum speed level.

Maximum torque: the same as the power, is to measure the engine power output parameters.Torque size of the impact of vehicle acceleration and crawl performance is good or bad.

Acceleration time: the more powerful the vehicle, bus processing machine can be in the shortest possible time to reach the speed of the driver wants.

Maximum speed: the vehicle running on the need to overcome a series of resistance, with the speed increase in air resistance will be the biggest enemy to prevent the vehicle forward, in order to achieve a higher speed on the need for greater power to drive the vehicle.

Specific power: is the engine power and body weight ratio, the greater the value that the vehicle's dynamic performance.With the same weight of two cars, the greater the power, the greater the dynamic performance.On the contrary, the same power car, the lighter weight , The stronger the dynamic performance.

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