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On the bus processing machine distribution transformer refueling unscientific practice
Jan 14, 2017

On the bus processing machine distribution transformer refueling unscientific First, there are several oil-based transformer oil, bus processing machine of different types of oil-based principle can not be mixed, the new transformer oil and transformer oil tank model may not be consistent; Second, there is no power failure in the distribution transformer oil, resulting in internal and external transformer oil mixed, the cycle of oil flow to speed up the bottom of the transformer with the water cycle to the high and low voltage coil insulation breakdown caused by short circuit; Is to join the transformer oil failed. In order to reduce the line loss and improve the utilization ratio of the equipment, it is advisable to use the reactive power compensation device to strictly abide by the safe working procedure of the machine tool, and to wear the labor protective equipment according to the regulations when the distribution transformer capacity is over 100 kVA. Check the motor, switch, circuit and grounding is normal and strong, check the control parts of the device, the button is stuck in the correct position to check the upper and lower mold of the coincidence and ruggedness; bus processing machine to check whether the positioning device is processed Claim. When the upper slide and the positioning axes are not at the origin, the homing procedure is executed. After the equipment starts running, it will run for 1-2 minutes. When the skateboard full-stroke movement is done 2-3 times, the busbar processing machine should stop immediately if there is any abnormal sound or fault, and the trouble will be eliminated.

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