CNC Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine

CNC Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine

CNC busbar bending punching cutting machine can cut or shear,bend and punch copper and aluminium busbar with three stations working at the same time. This will largely improve your productivity.It is widely used in switchgear and power transformers production.
Product description

CNC Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine on ELECRAMA 2018 India  

Greeting from JINGPENG CNC Machinery CO.,LTD.busbar bending machine 02.jpg

We're the biggest manufacturer for Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine in China.

Busbar Machine widely used in manufacturing of Power Switchgears & Transformers.

ELECRAMA 2018 India

We attend the ELECRAMA 2018 Indian from 10th to 14th March.

Our busbar bending punching cutting machine very popular in India Market.

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ELECRAMA 2018 India.jpg

Machine functions:      Bending / Punching / Cutting copper and aluminium bus bar.

Our busbar machine can run bending,punching and cutting units at the same time. (Three in One)

Bending unit

The bending unit operation is controlled by CNC system.

(1)  Using the double-decker working table ,which can make sure that three working station at the same time.
(2)  By changing different bending dies to do the horizantal bending and vertical bending                                                              (Include the U shape bending and Z shape bending).
(3)  The bending angle is controlled by PLC control CNC system.
(5)  Only need to input the busbar thickness and bending angle,the machine will process automatically.
(6)  Our busbar machine is very easy to operate and learn,especially for the freshman.

Vertical bending dies and vertical bending copper aluminum bus bar samples

vertical bending mold 001.jpg

Horizontal bending dies and horizontal bending copper aluminum busbar samples

bending unit  02.jpg

copper (16).jpg

U shaped bending dies and U shaped bending copper aluminum busbar samples

bending mold 001.jpg

U shaped bending samples 01.jpg

Bending unit is controlled by CNC control system.

cnc touching screen 001.jpg

Punching unit

The punching unit adpots six-mode turret rotate,no need to frequently change punching dies.

The turnplate is in tooth shape with good view and high strength.

six-mode tooth shape 001.jpg

dies 001.jpg

punching dies 001.jpg

punching circular holes 1.jpg

There are 8 sets of punching dies are included in the purchase price.

We have the standard size of punching dies in stock.

In addition to these standard size,we aslo can customize the punching dies' size for you.

Such as,round,oval,square or alien.

Punching dies 05.jpg

Cutting unit

There should not be any impressions,burs or bulging on the edges after cutting.

The cutting unit adopts sharp shearing type,like the scissors in paper cutting.

The flat incision interface,no droop,no burrs,no waste,beautiful shape.

Cutting unit 01.png

cutting uint 001.JPG

The cutting blades and punching dies are produced by Cr12Mov steel materials.

Under the correct operation,they can keep about 8 years working life.

Cutting blade 001.jpg

Welcome to visit our factory.

And you'll realize that our busbar machine will be your best choice.

Quotation will be sent you soon if you need.

Waiting for your inquiry at any time. Thank you very much.

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