Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine

Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine

Three working units:shearing,bending,punching.These three working units can work at the same time wirhout bothering others.
Product description

Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine

Company Profile:

Synonymous with quality and relibility,Jinan Jingpeng CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a renowed manufacturer and exporter of busbar processing machines.Our products have an impeccable performance record in many industries such as: high-low voltage switchgear,electric transformer station,voltage transformer,appliance switch,etc.


Three Units of  Busbar Processing Machine:

1.The shearing unit uses sharp shearing to make sure the incision interface is flat,no droop,no burrs,no waste,and the shape is beautiful.

2.The punching unit uses a six-mode turnplate in tooth shape to make sure the good view and high strength.The upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the center.There is no need to frequently change the molds,so it is easy and quick to use,so the working efficiency is higher than a troditional one.

3.The bending unit uses a closed structure to make sure the flat bending and embossing more smooth,which highly improve the repeating precisiong during mass production and prolong the working time.


The Accocessories of Busbar Processing Machine: 

8 sets of punching die(6 round dies,2 oblong dies)     1 set of shearing mold

2 sets of flat bending mold                                              2 sets of vertical bending mold

1 set of embossing mold                                                 1 set of U bending mold

1 set of oil filler                                                                  1 set of inner hexagon spanner

3 sets of foot switches                                                      1 set of hydraulic systerm sealing ring 

1set of random tools                                                         2 pieces of Limit Switch

1 piece of punching location needle


Packing and shipping:

1.Processing machine packed with plastic sheet for cleaning.

2.Fasten it into the wood case for safty.




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