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Three-in-one Bus Machine To Achieve A Multi-purpose Machine
Sep 01, 2017

Three-in-one bus machine flexibility, small size and strong function, high production capacity and high efficiency. Low noise harmless, Three in One Busbar Machine processed products beautiful and will not cause pollution of the working environment. Working range (bending, punching, cutting) outside the addition of another valve control 3m tubing can be matching crimp terminals, shear cable or embossing work, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Three-in-one bus machine features:

1, the cutting unit using a common double-knife shear, cut flat, no burr

2, punching unit using six-mode integral turntable, to ensure that the upper mold and the mold of the absolute alignment, extending the life of the mold. Three in One Busbar Machine No need to replace the mold, the use of more convenient and efficient, production efficiency was significantly higher than the traditional punching unit.

3, bending unit using a closed whole frame structure, Three in One Busbar Machine so that in the processing of bending and embossing more uniform, greatly improving the batch production of repeated positioning accuracy and extend the service life.

4, bending unit with horizontal processing, in the processing more secure and convenient. The same time as

5, the machine's three work stations can work at the same time, do not affect each other, Three in One Busbar Machine greatly improving the efficiency

6, the working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to reduce the processing of auxiliary time, improve production efficiency.

7, hydraulic tank with thick steel plate welding, and made phosphating treatment, Three in One Busbar Machine so that long-term use of hydraulic oil will not degenerate. The same time as

Three-in-one bus function description:

The overall shape of bright colors, surface paint, and anti-rust treatment by phosphate mold, wear-resistant impact.

Mirror treatment of the table, the desktop after grinding in the plating, Three in One Busbar Machine stent precision and smooth workstations.

Sticking to a 15cm steel ruler, can provide the working size to reach the standard parameters

1000kg / cm oil-filled hydraulic watch, Three in One Busbar Machine so that workers can press the hydraulic pressure index, and can protect the class machine, warning to avoid overload.

Adjustable, for long, short size standards, unified control specifications

Four-position valve control switch precision guide, Three in One Busbar Machine the correct use and perforation, curved plate, cut off the location

Safe and secure foot switch, can be controlled into the oil

Design of copper dust bag and open mouth mouth, slippery can be cut, Three in One Busbar Machine wear copper scraps together, not spilled everywhere and messy.

Standard equipment: MPCB-301, electric pump, cut, perforation, bending tool.

Flat bending tool: CB-200A copper width 150mm / thickness 12.5mm

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