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Safe Operation Of Busbar Bending Machine
Oct 26, 2017

1, the busbe bending machine must be responsible for the management of the operator, the operator must be familiar with the safety procedures of the machine;

2, the bus bar bending machine to use the oil for the 32th hydraulic oil, oil before the operation of the inspection, such as the oil level below the warning line, to refuel before the operation, each refueling must be added to the oil on the line;

3, before the operation in the activities of the first part of the increase in oil, start the pump at the same time observe the direction of the pump is consistent with the direction of the pump nameplate, so that the pump run after two minutes to work

4, the bus production, according to the bus size, the use of different in accordance with the "bending force selection table" to choose bending force. In the case of satisfying the use of small bending force as far as possible, because the bending force with large, the production of bus will damage the bus.

5, the bus a variety of processing production, we should pay attention to the direction of the bus movement, location, to prevent the bus in the process of injury to the human body;

6, in the work of the equipment to increase the bending force, it should be noted that the system can not exceed the maximum pressure of 20Mpa, or will damage the equipment;

7, in the bending machine loading mold, the mold should be put, there are screws tightened to tighten the nut, remove the mold when the mold part of the attention to prevent loosening;

8, the mold part of the activities to add lubricants, the joints should be solid, do not allow the mold in the case of loose use, so as not to damage the mold;

9, oil pump and oil valve of the normal oil temperature of 15 to 65 degrees Celsius, more than 65 degrees Celsius should be shut down.


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