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S Punching Machine Is Particularly Suitable For Construction And Other Industries
Jul 18, 2017

Bus punching machine Uses: used in the copper and aluminum bus punching features: the use of positioning devices, in different specifications of the bus on the punching double row of four holes, and single row of two holes, hole wall smooth and smooth Product Code 03002 Model YMC -125 * 12.5 Maximum applicable bus 125 * 12.5 Working pressure (Mpa) 45 Stroke (mm) 20 Weight (Kg) 30

Bus punching machine features:

1, in a variety of forms at the same time up to 9 holes in the processing of multi-hole punching machine shorten the operating time, greatly improving production efficiency;

2, the front of the table is 2400mm long, the body surface is 1600mm, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine behind the stent is 1400mm. The above is set to roller form, moving very heavy copper is also very convenient, behind the design for the roller bracket, continuous operation and stent operations can also;

3, the body of the STOP BAR JIG and the way the past is different, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine designed to facilitate the left and right to move, so very easy to make punching work;

4, with a specially designed mold (die is divided into three times) on the machine to facilitate the processing, can be processed thick T15 14 × 18 long hole 9;

5, a variety of forms of holes can be homework, so the efficiency is very high;

6, the mold is set by the form, the next mold with a fixed plate, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine without drawing lines can also accurately hit the hole;

Busbar punching machine instructions

Specifically for angle iron, flat iron, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine copper and other metal plate perforation, especially for electricity, construction and other industries in the field site operation.

At the end of the design of a flat seat, smooth can not shake down.

Separate hydraulic punching machine for L, H flat steel, aluminum plate punching.

Use of bus punching machine

A Connect the pump and the working head with quick connector.

B choose the appropriate upper and lower mold, the first installed on the mold after the mold, install the mold when the first screw out of a certain position and then into the lower mold, CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine be sure to put in place, then the screw can be screwed to work The

C put the workpiece, close the oil pump back to the oil screw, the plate handle, until the work is completed after the release of oil back to the oil screws, such as red thin metal sheet must be inserted into the material back to the back of the tripod and the workpiece, otherwise The workpiece will be stuck in the mold.

D bus punching machine should range

Applicable to electric power, construction and other industries in the field site operation

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