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Bus processing machine system usher in opportunities for development opportunities
Jan 14, 2017

Therefore, the main task of the machine tool remanufacturing bus processing machine is the machine tool into the usual machine tool overhaul to the rehabilitation of machine precision, to reach the new machine tool manufacturing standards, thus, the bus machine to re-manufacturing machine tool overhaul to carry out, Machine-to-machine overhaul of the need for precision machine tool is different, that the improvement of the accuracy of the machine tool to improve the CNC machine tools must be satisfied with the demand for active processing, and should have the characteristics of bulk overhaul. Selection of numerical control system and servo system Based on the need to control the control function of the machine tool, select the appropriate numerical control is essential because the numerical control system is the command center of the CNC machine tools, in addition to the selection of the function of satisfaction , But also be sure to ensure system reliability. Usually with the function and price ratio to select, and the proper thinking about after-sales service and fault repair and other related conditions. Such as the choice of domestic, advanced CNC system, will be the next operation, repair and so bring greater convenience. Servo drive system selection, but also according to the functional requirements of the manufacture of CNC resolution. If the use of the same company supporting the supply of numerical control system and servo drive system, and then create the quality of goods and repair more simple to be sure. Selection of auxiliary equipment in CNC machine tools In the process of re-manufacturing of the busbar machine, it is necessary to select the auxiliary equipment according to the control function of the machine tool. Such as the selection of four or six electric tool changer to complete the active tool change function, the choice of the number of bits to be processed mainly by the technical requirements of the workpiece resolution.

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